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IT Assets Cuts the Costs and Hassles of Liquidating Your Obsolete Or Surplus Business Technology

Rapidly evolving technology and declining prices quickly reduce the functional life of computers for most businesses. Just because computers quickly become obsolete and surplus equipment, does not mean they do not retain significant value.

When surplus and outdated computer equipment liquidation is done right, you can reduce your total cost of ownership. But improper and inefficient liquidation will increase your expenses and possibly expose your company to civil and criminal liabilities. Choose IT Assets to refurbish and liquidate your surplus computer equipment RIGHT!

We provide the most cost-effective, hassle-free solutions to your surplus equipment disposal needs, working with all types of equipment and electronics from all the major manufacturers.


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IT Assets, works with Federal, State, and Private organizations to insure we are leading the way in the Asset Recovery Field.  If you need to purchase, sell, or consult we can help.  Trust but verify is a term we use quite often in this industry, so our doors are open to our customers. 

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